If you have recently moved or will be switching dentists, finding a new dentist that works well for you is important. Your individual needs are unique, so make sure that you pick the right dentist from the start. This can help your dental experience be a smooth one for years to come. Here are four lesser known questions that you should ask a potential dentist before you make your first appointment.

1. What Happens if I Miss or Need to Reschedule an Appointment?

You might think that since you are the customer that moving around appointments or canceling at the last minute is a logical accommodation. This isn't always the case. Make sure that a prospective dentist won't bill you for missed appointments after-the-fact. If you do need to reschedule, make sure to find out how far in advance your dentist is booked so that you aren't waiting months for a new appointment.

2. What are Your Plans for Different Types of Emergencies?

While dentists may have some time slots throughout the week for dental emergencies, it is important to press your dentist for more detail. If your dentist must be out for an emergency, is there a backup dentist that can cover? If you have an emergency over the weekend or on vacation, can they discuss this with you over the phone and possibly recommend emergency care? Don't get stuck without answers when you need them the most.

3. How Timely is Your Waiting Room?

Your time is important. Some dentists are better at keeping appointments on time while others can let the day get away from them. If you tend to need appointments in the late afternoon, it is good to make sure that you won't be waiting far beyond your scheduled appointment.

4. What Makes Your Dental Office Unique?

You need to decide what makes going to the dentist a better experience for you. If you need a dentist that can help alleviate your anxiety, sometimes they can have exam rooms that can accommodate this with video screens or sedatives. If the front office and dental hygienists are friendly and comforting this can be a deal breaker for some in order to stay calm. If you have a special need or accommodation, make sure this is on offer.

Starting your relationship with a new dentist on the right foot will help your experience be a good one. Finding a dentist that fits with your lifestyle is important. Don't be shy and feel as if you can't be upfront with your inquiries or needs when finding the perfect dentist.