When multiple, but not all, of your teeth are missing, your dentist may recommend a partial denture to replace the missing teeth. A newer method of creating partial dentures is to have them supported by an implant. This improved technique eliminates the need for a metal clasp and instead precision attachments keep the dentures in place. If you're planning to get partial dentures, it's natural to have a few questions regarding what to expect. It may take several days or even a few weeks before you feel accustomed to your new partial dentures. Here are three things you can expect following the procedure.


After getting your partial dentures, it's normal to feel some discomfort. Your gums may feel tender and sore and you may notice swelling for the first few days. Because of this, it helps to start off by eating soft foods that you cut into small pieces. You can expect your normal "bite" to change slightly, so this takes some getting used to. Avoid very hard, or extremely sticky foods while going through the adjustment period. During this time, eating may feel awkward and the dentures may feel bulky and unnatural, but soon enough they'll feel normal. 


You may notice that you speak differently after getting your new dentures. In the long run, dentures may improve your speech because replacing missing teeth improves enunciation. However, until you get used to the dentures, you may find it challenging to pronounce certain words. If you find this is the case, practice reading the problem words throughout the day. This helps get used to the way the dentures feel in your mouth so that you can speak with relative ease.


Like you would your natural teeth, it's crucial to brush your dentures once or twice a day to remove food deposits. Some dentists recommend using toothpaste made specifically for dentures. Follow your dentists instructions. It's recommended that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush made especially for dentures, to prevent any damage. You'll also need to soak your dentures in a cleaning solution to clean and disinfect them. Drug stores carry various denture cleaning solutions so it shouldn't be hard to find. Initially your dentist may ask that you wear your dentures all of the time. After the adjustment period it's typical to take them out every night. Any time your partial dentures are out of your mouth, leave them soaking in a denture solution.