Do the missing teeth in your mouth cause you a lot of embarrassment around other people? You might find satisfaction out of wearing partial dentures to fill in the spaces, and there are other benefits as well. Below, discover why partial dentures are a good investment for your oral health and improving the look of your teeth.

Why Should a Person with Missing Teeth Wear Partial Dentures?

If you opt for partial dentures as a way to fill in the spaces left from missing teeth, your smile will look natural. The great thing about wearing dentures is that the color of them can be matched to the color of your own teeth. It is actually hard for someone to notice that you are wearing partial dentures unless they are purposely staring at them trying to figure it out. Besides the appeal that partial dentures will add to your smile, you can also count on them to be secure until they are removed. Metal clasps on the dentures will keep them in place, even when you are chewing food.

Partial dentures are also a great way to prevent under stimulation of the jawbones where teeth are missing, depending on the specific type of dentures. It is important for jawbones to get stimulated (via chewing) because it helps to keep them in a good condition. If your jawbones are not properly stimulated, they can become too weak to keep your remaining natural teeth in place. Partial dentures can also help with the prevention of your teeth shifting apart due to the spaces. A few of the other benefits of wearing partial dentures include being able to speak clearly due to no air flowing between spaces, as well as preventing the skin on your face from sagging from a lack of teeth.

How Affordable Are Partial Dentures?

The price of partial dentures will depend on the type of materials they are constructed of. For instance, partial dentures that are constructed with gold are estimated to cost at least $2,000 or more. The typical partial dentures can cost as little as $300 and up, even if you don't have insurance coverage. The complexity of the labor involved with customizing your partial dentures will have an effect on the overall price that you are charged.

You can stop being embarrassed of your smile in public and maintain the teeth that you have left in a good condition. Speak to a denturist (like those at Langford Denture Clinic) about customizing partial dentures for your mouth as soon as possible!